Creating a new discourse in design, Turkey is fast becoming a cultural gateway between Europe and Asia. Drawing inspiration from both, this country is coming up with some ingenious ideas for the future of design. Here, we highlight the top ten contemporary design firms in Turkey.

In Turkey, design is being looked at in a new light. Turkish designers are beginning to think of ways in which materials and future lifestyles can drive design today. Since Istanbul was named the European Capital for Culture in 2010, Turkey has been transforming itself into a cultural hub, with the city holding its first design biennale in 2012. With a largely young population, this country is beginning to establish itself as a new home for design, creating for itself a fresh design vernacular. Lying across two continents, Turkey has a wealth of diverse culture and can draw from both Europe and Asia for inspiration.


Established by Lütfi Büyüktopbas in 2006 and based in Istanbul, Zift Design brings a fresh perspective to product design. Giving everyday objects and furniture a twist, their creative collections certainly stand out from the crowd. As well as innovative product design, the designers behind Zift Design also work on bespoke interior design projects ranging from apartments, to offices, to yachts. Highly modern in appearance and yet by no means minimalistic, Zift Design’s furniture is fun and bright and often surprising; the Renk mirror and table combine art with utility. The mirror functions perfectly as such and the table provides a useful platform. However, upon closer inspection, one can see that there is a painting hidden inside the mirror itself, thus turning it into a piece of art.

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